Deuce’s Wild Rocks GPK Atlantic City Invitational

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Deuce's Wild Atlantic City Invitational


KruzinUSA always brings you the best of the best, shows big and small from coast to coast.  We’re flipping the script a little here and bringing you the skinny on a new kind of show that’s about to turn the car show scene on its head and redefine it.

GPK Auctions, the largest auction house on the East Coast, is integrating two of the hottest new hot rod shows – the Deuce’s Wild/Joker’s Wild Competition Car Shows – into their historic weekend long event to create a hybrid happening that is so revolutionary that SEMA and the Hot Rod Industry Alliance are supporting and participating in it. It’s called the Atlantic City Invitational and this monumental show will take place August 26-28th, 2022. So mark you calendars and then set your GPS to Atlantic City, NJ.

From enthusiasts to professional builders this show is for you. Dig the high paced action of a world class auction, this show is for you. Rather cruise an enormous car coral and add to your stable in a more relaxed way, this show is for you. Looking for that perfect part to finish your ride, this show is for you. Want to get up close and personal with the Nation’s Premier Builds? Well you get it, this show is for you. Simply put, if you’ve got gears between your ears in any shape or form, friends you need to get to Atlantic City, make your reservations now. This hybrid weekend will combine the best of all automotive worlds in one hot spot and I guarantee more than Deuces will be wild!

The GPK Atlantic City Auction had been heating up the Northeast Corridor for nearly 50 years. To keep their world renowned event cutting edge and ahead of the curve, GPK’s President Jay Silberman and General Manager daughter Giselle Checetto teamed up with Ed Denkenberger of Superior Auto Works to add 2 Competition Car Shows to the auction weekend. The Deuce’s Wild and Joker’s Wild Shows inaugural debut was in 2020. Needless to say the revolutionary introduction of 2 world class judged car shows broke the mold and was a tremendous success. The pandemic put the brakes on the 2021 show but that just gave these intrepid minds more time to stack the deck and plan for a full house in 2022. 

First, let’s break down the addition of two competition car shows to the auction weekend. Who better for the GPK Auction house to team up with to orchestrate an A-list competition car show, than a builder who has competed at the highest most elite levels. Mr. Ed Denkenberger of Superior Auto Works was tapped to be the brain behind the Deuce’s Wild and Joker’s Wild Shows. His work has accumulated hardware from coast to coast clearly proving his talents are worthy of the top awards. Most recently his 1967 Camaro “Nickleback” garnered him a spot as a Ridler Great 8 Finalist at the Detroit Autorama and won The Mother’s Shine Award at the SEMA Show. For years, Mr. Denkenberger saw a need for a high caliber show in the NE Corridor and he found the perfect partnership with Jay and Giselle. Together they have filled that void with the high powered Deuce’s Wild and Joker’s Wild Shows paired with the top East Coast Auction. 

Friends, you aren’t going to find a more straight shooter out there than Mr. Denkenberger or “Denk” to his friends. He puts his money where is mouth is and if he says it’s going to be so it is. Denk knows the caliber of build that should compete at this elite level, he knows impartial fair judging is a must, and he knows the politics should stay in Washington. Mr. Denkenberger also knows the logistics behind showing a car and knows exactly what builders and owners alike need and most importantly appreciate at while showing a car. Thus, he orchestrated the shows with these factors front and center. To prove the point that this man knows a thing or two, for the 2020 show there were zero complaints – zero and nothing but compliments. And for those of us in the know, know this never happens! 

If there could be a blessing from this pandemic, it could be time. For this trio it was time to pull in the big guns. Enter the “ace in the hole”, SEMA and the Hot Rod Industry Alliance. This is the first time these organizations have backed a show outside of the SEMA Show and this will undoubtedly prove to be a partnership made in Hot Rodding heaven. With the backing of SEMA and the Hot Rod Industry Alliance will come a SEMA/HRIA “HOT ROD ALLEY”, a Midway within the show to feature the mind blowing Vendor displays seen only at the SEMA Show. This will offer a taste of what the SEMA Show has to offer for the first time east of the Mississippi! An inside glimpse into the trade only SEMA Show, an event that is the Holy Grail for most Hot Rodders.  

The GPK Atlantic City Auction has been continuously operating for nearly 50 years. GPK’s huge sphere of influence reaches from Maine to North Carolina, the Ohio Valley, Tennessee and Kentucky thus making it the premier collector car event in the Northeast Corridor and beyond. From a spectator point of view you have an action packed auction, a car coral and swap meet, 2 custom car competition shows and now a SEMA/HRIA Hot Rod Alley. This is the real deal. According to Mr. Silberman “This is the largest indoor classic car show and auction in the United States,” It’s like putting Hershey, Carlisle and Barrett Jackson all under on roof. Now adding to that, backing from SEMA, the Hot Rod Industry Alliance and the Deuce’s Wild platform, and a whole new level to hot rodding nirvana has been reached. Let the revolution begin, GPK, Denk, SEMA and the HRIA have broken the mold and the sky is the limit.  

Now if you think your ride can cut it and you want in, here’s the skinny on both of the shows. The Deuce’s Wild competition is open to 35 vehicles. It’s $100 to register, however you get paid back before your car is even off the trailer. Travel expenses? GPK is offering .50 cents a mile for up to 300 miles traveled. Do you like free stuff?  How about free secure trailer parking, and electric. How about 2 tickets for the entire weekend long event as well as 2 complimentary tickets to the Friday night gala. Want more? How about a 20×20 space at the show and thousands upon thousands of eyes on your ride.

Now comes the serious cheddar. Thanks to the GPK, SEMA and the Hot Rod Industry Alliance, a whopping $15,000 and custom jacket goes to the Best of Show, $2,000 and a custom jacket for 2nd place and $1,500 and a custom jacket 3rd place. In addition, there are class awards as well.  $1,000 for 1st in class, $500 for 2nd and $250 goes to 3rd place. There are 5 classes Truck, Custom, Restored, Street Rod and Pro Street. Do the math, that friends is a huge payout. 

For the Joker’s Wild Show the stakes aren’t quite as high but the odds are even better. There will be 50 vehicles in this competition. It will cost you $50 to register and there will be 5 classes. The prizes per class are $1,000 for 1st, $500 2nd and $250 for 3rd. That’s 15 cash awards and some pretty good odds for Atlantic City. Regardless, Mr. Denkenberger, Mr. Silberman and Mrs. Checetto  have gone above and beyond to make sure you and your ride are the priority, you will be the stars and celebrities of this show and in my book that’s priceless.   

These events combined will seamlessly bring all the Hot Rod enthusiast worlds together for one spectacular weekend. This show isn’t a one year wonder. The integration of the Deuce’s Wild/ Joker’s Wild competition shows is an evolution that is here to stay. All parties involved are committed to making above the bar their standard. And now friends,  you have that rare chance to say you were there from the beginning. 

If you want to know if your ride fits the bill for either show or if you just want the skinny on this event – go to site for all the information.

Just do one thing, mark you calendars, the Atlantic City Invitational with the Deuce’s Wild/Joker’s Wild is the one weekend you don’t want to miss.

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Change is in the air. KruzinUSA up for a full frame off resto and y’all ain’t gonna believe your eyes at the final product. Come back and come back often. You aren’t going to want to miss this. Oh ya and a little show called the SEMA Show is on our horizon.

Thank you to FuelCurve, SEMA, HotRodHotline, and GPK Auctions for the auction photos.

Till the next time – Keep on Kruzin!