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In order to help protect this site from predatory spammers and phishing we limit access to the Members side of KruzinUSA.com to only those visitors that have gone through the “sign up/login” process and become registered members of the site.  In this process we collect personal information that creates a data fingerprint that lets us identify you as a legitimate registered member and helps us keep out would-be unregistered spammers/phishers.  This helps preserve the integrity of the site as well as your privacy. 

The personal information that you provide as an identifier enables continued entry into the Members side of the site to view new content, occasional receipt of site updates, and access to marketing offers from site sponsors if you so choose. 

We realize that you have entrusted this personal information to us and we must at all times honor that trust.  We unequivocally commit to you that the personal information that you have provided will only be used by KruzinUSA in the management of the services we provide you on the site, and will under no circumstances be handed over and sold for use by a third party.