Foose Design


All right ….. let’s get it out of the way right from the get go:  Is there any award that Chip Foose hasn’t won?

SEMA … check; Good Guys … check; Street Rod of the Year … check; America’s Most Beautiful Roadster … lost count of how many; Ridler … four of ‘em (word has it there going to start calling it ”The Foose”).  The list goes on and on.  You name it - he’s won it.  Oh and by the way, is there any motorhead Hall of Fame he hasn’t been inducted into as well?

And how about starring in several TV shows:  “Rides”, “Overhaulin”, “Ultimate Car Build - Off”, “American Icon:  the Hot Rod”.

With all the acclaim, you gotta admit … Mister Chip must be doing something right!

So how did it all begin?  Yah it’s true Chip was born with the right DNA . His dad Sam had his own automotive shop and design company, Project Design, and Chip started “working” there at the ripe old age of 7.  By age 12 however, young prodigy Chip had already proven his automotive chops by painting his first car, a Porsche 356, all by himself.

Not long after graduating from the Art Center College of Design with honors in 1990, Chip began working with Boyd Coddington at Hot Rods by Boyd.  Eventually becoming President, he worked there for nearly 8 years and is credited with many of the well known Coddington creations - the Sportster, the Roadster, Boydster I & II, and Boyd Air to name a few.

In 1998 Chip left Hot Rods by Boyd to partner with his wife Lynne in starting their own company - Foose Design - and they’ve never looked back.  Foose Design took off like a rocket and in the intervening years has become the most prolific creator of ground breaking, award winning automotive masterpieces that are revered worldwide as the pinnacle of automotive design. In fact this past year Chip's Chevy Impala (appropriately named the "Imposter" because though it looks like an Impala on the outside, it's really a new 'Vette underneath) not only won the prestigious Ridler but also was runner up in the hotly contested 2015 SEMA Battle of the Builders!

How do you top all that?  Knowing Chip’s vast arsenal of talent, there’s a lot more to come!! 

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