Vintage Torque Fest

The epicenter of cool was in Dubuque, Iowa this past weekend.  Yes Kats and Kittens it's that Festival of Thrills you have heard so much about  the Vintage Torque Fest.  It rocked and rolled, bopped and stomped the Hawkeye state.  Billed as the coolest thing to hit Dubuque, friends this show didn't just hit, it smashed, backed over it, hit again and then left a nice patch of burned rubber on top of it all.  Rides for near and far rolled into town and it was a site to see.  Keeping the tradition alive was the name of the game and with well over 500 rides out everyone was there to play.     

There were rods and relics, honeys and horsepower.  You could pick up some tricked out togs, while noshing on a delicacy from the Chocolate Hog. (Don't ask - just make it next year and you'll understand)  There was a burnout pit - awesome and Motorcycle racing - awesome, no dirt track this year - not awesome but  what do you want it was Mother Nature's Call!   The bands rocked ALL day and night.  The "Texas Troubadour" Mr. Dale Watson blew my mind and my record collection has grown thanks to his amazing performance.  

It was a gathering of like minded folks who wanted to come out, have a good time and give to a great cause.  Vintage Torque Fest proceeds benefit the Helping Hannahs Heart Foundation, an organization that was set up to aid families caring for children with congenital heart defects.  A truly altruistic event and it just gives you a good feeling knowing you are helping people that work so hard for such a good cause.  I will say this only once, mark you calendars for 2014, this is a one of a kind must see event.  A festival is the perfect description, it was a feast for the senses.  Cars, cars, cars and oh so much more.  

The Gods of Technology are not smiling on me friends.  I have a website that is fighting back and I can't load all the fantabulous pics I shot of this spectacle.  For that I am sorely bummed and very sorry that I can't deliver them to you like now!  I'm going to visit the local witch doctor and hopefully he's got a potion that will kill de bugs that are wrecking my life.  Until then I will be uploading my pics when this devil site will let me! For now you will have to be satisfied with these moving pictures from the Fest.


Check out for more info on this great show.

Til the next time - Keep on Kruzin