I have 4 words for you.  Custom Buick Racing AutoCross.  I bet that got your attention.  Well, it got mine when I saw this beauty racing at both the the GoodGuys Nats and Speedway Nats this past year.   I know it's no Camaro or Chevelle but isn't that what makes this Buick so cool.  And when it comes to tricks up his sleve this guy isn't messing around, he's got an LS powerhouse and a beefed up suspension to navigate that beast around those tight AutoCross turns.  I mean this guy is really tearing it up considering the tonage in the chrome alone that he's trying to throw around the track. I thought this was super cool and I just know you will too.

Not to worry, my yearly wrap up is forthcoming, I don't want to short change 2013 since it was our best year yet and there is so much to go through, my highlight was the whole dang year.  

Come back soon to see my year in review.

Til the next time - Keep on Kruzin!