Starting Off Right

Here's to starting off the New Year with a bang or a rumble - you choose.  A wise man once told me it's all about "how it looks and how it sounds".  Well, we knew that Mr. Jarvis had the "how it looks"  department covered with his award winning treatment of his '65 Stingray "Maxxed Out" and now we know he has the "how it sounds" covered too.  I grabbed this video over the summer when Brent was leaving the weekly Barrignton Cruise night.  VooDoo Larry had just put on a flame show and Brent wanted to give him a little whats what as he was leaving.  By the by, this is more proof positive that he not only builds his rides but he drives them too and has a little fun in the process. 

Til the next time - Keep in Kruzin!