Small Wonders, More Smiles Per Mile

Finally friends, the video footage from my latest field trip and in my humble opinion it is worth the wait. My visit to the Small Wonders Micro/Mini Car Museum left a lasting impression on me.  It was many things, the one of kind and rare rides for sure and the top notch facility was off the hook but, I think it was Ken Weger, the modest curator of the pint sized chariots, that left me in awe.  His dedication to the hobby is to me the incarnation of gear head passion.  He's what we all want to be when we grow up, the Lord and Master of an automobile kingdom.  His passion was infectious and by the time I left , this Pony Girl was ready to go searching for my own Isetta!

Now you can see for yourself just how amazing this collection is and you'll be able to hear firsthand Ken's enthusiasm and the true passion he has for preserving these petit pieces of automotive history .  I promised a gallery and it is locked and loaded but we are experiencing a technical glitch which we are working on as I type and as soon as it's ready I'll put the 200+ pictures up!  

Til the next time - Keep on Kruzin!

If you're curious, I've looked a bunch but so far only full sized rides in my corral.