Quiet For A While

Yes, I know I have been a little quiet for a while but quiet does not equal laying around.  In fact, I have been very busy behind the scenes.  So busy in fact that I have added, are you ready, 1,400 new pictures to the Member's Gallery.  !,400 of the coolest of the cool and hottest of the hot from all over this beautiful country of ours.  I have pictures from local cruise nights to National events that draw in over 5,000 rides!  And my friends that is just scratching the surface of the archives I have and am going to be adding to the Member's Gallery of the site.  Stay tuned for updates on my progress.  

I also attended a new show this week.  It was a great local show with lots of quality rides.  In fact, I saw the only '49 Nash Ambassador Brougham in the country, stay tuned for that one.  Things are really cookin' here at KruzinUSA - next week GoodGuys Chicagoland Nats.  You know that's going to be a great one.  This summer is really heating up! 

Til the next time my friends - Keep on Kruzin!