Park on Park September 2012

Talk about a grand finale, the final Park on Park was bumper to bumper and they were turning cars away 20 minutes before the show officaly started.  

With five shows in their season, keeping in mind one was a near rain out, Park on Park saw close to 1,900 cars for 2012.  With those impressive numbers I just know the show will shatter the 2,000 mark next year.  I think the powers that be in Mundelein need to wave a magic wand and produce more parking space for the "land locked" show.  If they build it, they WILL come!

The gallery from this event is quite a bit smaller than normal.  My tired and true camera gave up the ghost half way through the show on Wednesday.  I guess everything has a shelf life - thank you and farewell Lumix GH2, we had a lot of good times.  Be sure to check out the what there is from Park on Park in the Most Recent Show gallery.

Here's a quick trip around the final Park on Park shot with my video camera that still works!

Can you feel it, cause it's there - GoodGuys is in the air.  We are starting to gear up for our trip to the hallowed grounds of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  Lookout Brickyard here we come!  

Stay tuned for tons of event coverage.

Til the next time - Keep on Kruzin!