Oh Big Chief!

All y'all that follow me know I'm a huge fan of the posse from the 405 so I about fell off my chair again when I saw the post from Farm Truck and AZN talking about what happened to Big Chief on Saturday night.  Oh Big Chief not you too.  Dang, Dang, Dang!  First Daddy Dave and now you.  This unfortunate wreck got me to thinking and I just had to share my thoughts because well, I think these guys are the real deal, real grass roots motorheads.  

Friends I am afraid the beast has been unleashed and I don't know if there's any going back.  What is the beast you ask, well let me 'splain it to you.  As you all know a regular group of "normal" guys signed on for a pittance to star in a show about "illegal" street racing in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - Street Outlaws.  This was just a bunch of real gear head street racers participating in an underground circuit, who lived to race, who would take on anyone at any time and had the reputation for having the fastest street cars in America.  Enter reality television.  At first it was just a continuation of their "real" lives, racing amongst themselves but as with all racing and television, fast isn't fast enough and faster is always the goal.  Bigger and badder, twin turbos and more nitrous, constantly pushing the envelope.  Fast forward a few seasons, the 405 has a reputation they have to uphold and now they are taking on Pro Mods hitting nearly 200 mph in the 1/8th mile!  You loose control at that speed, you loose everything and Big Chief almost did last Saturday.  Basically they now have blindingly fast, single purpose track cars running under scary-ass conditions with everything on the line, most importantly their lives.   

I recently read an article where these guys, Big Chief in particular spoke candidly about the show.  Suffice to say they all signed contracts and the Discovery Channel is making out handsomely while the guys from the 405 aren't making enough to even cover their expenses.  On Saturday Big Chief lost north of 100 grand with the wreck of the Crow.  I've read the accident happened during filming.  I would imagine "expenses" wouldn't come anywhere near a 1/4 of that.  Locked into a television show, I'm afraid there's no going back.  Big Chief was lucky to walk away; they've raised the stakes so high I'm afraid the next time the person isn't going to be as lucky.

Needless to say these pics aren't mine; they're pinched from the internet. They really hurt to look at but get straight to the point of what I'm concerned about -  the beast is unleashed and there's no turning back! 

Click the thumbnail to view a larger version! Click the thumbnail to view a larger version! Click the thumbnail to view a larger version!

As you know, we just got back from SEMA where it was celebrity after celebrity. NHRA turned out John Force and Family,  Erica Enders-Stevens, Ron Capps, Alexis De Joria,Tommy Johnson Jr.  Quite the happening place, honestly.  FYI friends, to my semi-educated eye, by far the most packed celebrity signing was at the Kicker booth for the fellas from none other than the 405, my Street Outlaw posse.  People started lining up at 8am for a 1:30pm appearance. Now that's a fan base! Big Chief, Monza, Farm Truck and AZN, Kamikaze Chris with Flip's  EL Co -  the whole crew was there. Who'd of thought an NHRA vs the 405 smackdown would occur right on the SEMA main stage. And guess who won handsdown? 405 smoked em!    Way to represent! 

Ok .... back to unleashing the beast. So who am I, except a concerned fan but I 'd hate to see what happens if or when there is a next time in one of the Street Outlaws shoot outs.  It's just getting too close.  I'd hate to loose my favorite show but I'd hate to loose one of the 405 even more.  Guys, maybe it's time to go back underground. (Or at least figure out how to get it back to real "street" cars)

Til the next time - Keep on Kruzin!