Not the Hemi Under Glass

Oh DANG it.  If you haven't already heard or seen it, the iconic 1969 Barracuda "Hemi Under Glass" went for a wild ride during the filming of "Jay Leno's Garage".  I'm bringing this to you because like most folks out there, I've known of, watched and marveled at this ride since like forever.  Gosh, I even have the Johnny Lightning model with the Linda Vaughn card - somewhere.  So when I saw this story online it brought me back to some of my earliest childhood memories.  Back to when I really started to take notice of the tiny gears that were beginning to take root in my pigtailed head and when I realized cars reaching for the sky were the coolest thing on the planet. 

For the season premier of Jay Leno's Garage, Bob Riggle brought out his notorious ride to Irwindale Speedway to show the world that he and the Barracuda still got it going on.  Leno described the ride as a bucket list experience. Unfortunately it went from dream ride to nightmare in a matter of seconds.  Apparently the Barracuda started running up the banked turn on the track while winding down after the first pass and the rest is history.  The video is from Leno's show and it's a real bummer to watch.  I have to hand it to Riggle and his team for the obvious safety measures they have in place in the car.  But Mr Riggle next time, you gotta put some nets on those windows.

Check it all out, but prepare yourself, it's crazy, violent and a bit of a heartbreak.  And thank you Mr. Leno for the use of your video from YouTube.

Thankfully everyone, except the '69 was ok.  And I want to give a shout out to Mr. Riggle for keeping the faith and this awesome ride going for 50 years.  And Bob, I look forward to watching that Barracuda reach for the stratosphere again.  Soon very SOON!

Til the next time - Keep 'em on the ground and Keep on Kruzin!