I know our primary focus at is the world of hot rodding but, I'm gonna divert a bit and give wild props to Ken Block and the Ken Block's Gymkhana Four; The Hollywood Megamercial.  How can anyone ignore nearly 3 million hits on YouTube in only 2 days!  This video is currently top spot on Kruz Tube, worth the few minutes and I know my fans are not faint of heart!  

There are times and places for being purists but for the love and appreciation of all things internal combustion, this guy can't be ignored.  He has mad skills and can handle a car like no other.    

Two things; Ken Block where ever you are can I please be a passenger, talk about a thrill ride of a lifetime.  Second, can we start a movement to get Ken Block on GoodGuys AuotCross track.  Once in his car and once in a anything pre '72 and rear wheel drive.  That would truly be a thing of beauty!

Check out some of his other videos, in my book this guy ROCKS!

Stay tuned, there is still the GoodGuys Chicagoland Nats. photo wrap up and my friends at Park on Park will get their due.  Just too much cool stuff going on and coming up, Orphan Auto Picnic anyone?  So exciting.

Til the next time - Keep on Kruzin!