Heartland Nationals

It goes without saying that the 22nd Good Guys Heartland Nationals was amazing today.  The Iowa State Fairgrounds were packed by the time I arrived earlyish this morning and stayed that way all day.  Good Guys knows the drill and with 30 years of doing so under their belt, Happy Anniversary by the way, the weekend in Des Moines is for sure going to be time well spent.  It was Hot Rods, Classics and Customs as far as the eye could see, I have a couple of blisters on my tired dogs, I'm exhausted and I can't wait until tomorrow.  

The Heartland Nationals is a cruising event and its great because if you stay in one place long enough a good part of the show will drive on by and this way you get both; how it looks and how it sounds.  It sure adds to the experience for me.  Have a look at how much you can see in about 3 minutes.   

AutoCross went on all day today and will again tomorrow.  I promise I'll get a better spot to cover it tomorrow.  For now, here is an awesome AMC AMX that hit the AutoCross track today.   How many times to you get to see and AMX, let alone watch it race!

Sometimes when I am at a show something catches my eye and it becomes my obsession for the day.  Sometimes it's a color or license plates or a particular model today friends guess what, it was station wagons!  To me it seemed like they were everywhere and each and every one was in a word awesome.  Here are three that I would take in a heartbeat.

Keep checking back with us, we are in the process of editing and then adding the hundreds of pics we took today to the Most Recent Show Gallery.

If today was any indication, tomorrow is going to be huge.  Stay tuned!  Check out GoodGuys website for details about the Heartland Nationals, I highly recommend getting yourself here.

Til the next time - Keep on Kruzin!