Green Street

What a hidden gem!  Green Street Cruise Night is really something special and has built quite a loyal following!  We are so lucky to have a curise night that goes well into October, we also really lucked out that the weather was outstanding this past Monday.  Put the two together and you have a cruise night that was busting at the seams - they really just ran out of room.  I have never seen a cruise night where they were parked 3 deep!  Hands down, this was "one of if not the biggest turnout the Green Street Cruise Night has ever seen"!  A rough estimate had the car count nearing 500 and I'm here to tell you it was evey bit of that if not more!  Hats off to the great folks involved with this event, your hard work really payed off  and if this finale of 2011 is any incication 2012 should be a great sucess.

Click the thumbnail to view a larger version! Click the thumbnail to view a larger version! Click the thumbnail to view a larger version!

I was worried it was going to be a bit of a disaster; trying to take pictures of a car show in the dark?!  I think it turned out ok and is actually a little cool. As well as proof positive that this was a huge show that just didn't want to end!  Literally, it was DARK out and NO ONE was leaving.  I really haven't seen anything like this.  I'm used to a few cars lingering around after dark but at Green Street the sun was long gone and not a car had moved!  A cruise night in the pitch dark, it was really something else.  Have a gander for yourself at this awesome turnout. 

Please forgive me, i've kinda been all over the place.  There will be a bit of "revisiting" if you will.  I've got more form Byron as well as the Pile Up.  Who knew October would be as busy as July!  Stay with me here, it'll be worth it.

Til the next time - Keep on Kruzin!