EPA vs. Aftermarket Performance


That’s no exaggeration. Under an updated interpretation of the Clean Air Act the EPA has recently asserted new-found authority over modifying street vehicles. In brief it states that no street vehicle with a certified emissions system can be modified for racing.

Any modification that could conceivably have even a remote effect on the emissions system in any way will be deemed tampering and illegal and the owner of that vehicle, the shop that made the modification, and the manufacturer that made the parts that were used in the modification can be held liable and subject to substantial fines. The manufacturer’s equipment used to produce the parts may even be subject to confiscation. So forget about aftermarket superchargers, turbos, new computerized EFI, better exhaust, better intakes, better cams or heads; and don’t even think about touching that computer with a tuner.

 I wish I could tell you this is a joke bit it’s deadly serious. If the EPA is permitted to assert its authority under this “interpretaion” it will crush hot rodding as we know it. It will put every shop that modifies a street vehicle for performance, every aftermarket manufacturer of those performance products, every retailer like Jegs or Summit that sells those products, it will put them all out of business. 


What can be done to stop the EPA? Luckily Chris Kersting, President and CEO of SEMA, is leading the charge to head this off but he needs your support and quickly. Just click on this link and fill in the brief Name/Address box and and a letter will be sent on your behalf to the appropriate members of Congress that represent your area  (both the House and the Senate) detailing why they should support legislation recommended by SEMA that prevents the EPA from asserting this new-found authority.

Now is not the time to sit on the couch and be a bystander. Big Brother is lurking in the weeds and moving quickly to take actions that will crush hot rodding as we know it today. If enough of us click on that SEMA link and do it quickly, we can shut them down!  Oh and you might consider PASSING THE WORD AROUND to all your hot rodding compatriots to get them to sign up too.

 Til the next time - Keep on Kruzin!