The End of an Era

Billed as the greasiest hot rod show in the midwest, the highly anticiapted 10th Annual Hunnert Car Pile Up did not disappoint!  It was a picture perfect day in Decatur; the City of Progress was busting at the seams with iron, ink, rockin rock-a-billy and a whole lot of old skool kool!

Here's a vidoe that puts together just some of the fun stuff that was out at the Pile Up.  It's hard to take it all in becasue there's so much going on but I think you can get the drift. 

Not to fret cats and kittens, although we might not be seeing the Hunnert Car name attatched to another show anytime soon, the folks that put on the Vintage Torque Fest are going to be carrying on the tradition October 6th of 2012 with the Iron Invasion in Woodstock.  

There is more Pile Up coverage to come, stay tuned!

Til the next time - Keep on Kruzin!