AutoCross at the Speedway Nationals

Like every new form of motorsports competition, it didn't take autocross long before people started building some serious machines.  They may look like regular Camaros, Chevelles, Mustangs etc on the outside but underneath they're purpose built - like 500+ cubic inch all aluminum LS engines, 6 speed twin disc transmissions, adjustable ride height active air suspensions, disc breaks the size of large pizzas.  They can accelerate, corner, and stop with the best of them.

The GoodGuys Indy autocross was no exception.  The Roadster Shop was there with it's orange and white pickup rocket ship.  Schwartz Performance had it's bad-to-the-bone Pontiac Tempest along with Jeff's LS powered 50's Chevy pickup.  I lost count of the number of Detroit Speed and Ride Tech missiles.  But maybe the biggest sleeper of them all was Tim and Debbie Farrington's '64 Chevelle beater station wagon with an exterior full of dents and pock marked with rust and 3 different non matching colors of green and it's interior was even worse.  But the laughter stopped when they dropped the hammer and that ugly duckling began to roar.  It's got a ZZ4 coupled to a 6 speed and a whole bunch of Detroit Speed suspension goodies underneath. That puppy can definitely run with the big dogs!

Enough talk, the fun part is seeing these machines in action.  Enjoy.  

You didn't think I was going to forget the wolf in sheep's clothing did you.  Here is the Chevelle wagon tearin' up the track.

We have a full calendar coming up!  First the Iron Invasion, picking up where the Hunnert Car Pile Up left off.  Then high flying action at the World Wheelstand Championships.  Gotta get my rest and gear up for some good times to come!

Til the next time - Keep on Kruzin!