And the Winner Is..............

I'm just going to cut to the chase on this one.  The 2016 World Power Wheel Stand Championship is in the books and the winner of the $10,000 top prize was Ricky Kirkpatrick in his '81 Malibu.  He was draggin' that wagon all day and ultimately it was his 455 foot run down the Playground of Power quarter mile that earned him the top prize.  Not too shabby for an untested engine that was installed TWO days prior to the event.  That man knows his business, this is his second time in the winners circle and I'm hoping for the trifecta next year.  

Mere words can't describe this kind of action, cast an eyeball at a true wheelie king!

I can tell you without a doubt, it could not have happened to a nicer guy.  Way to go Ricky! We'll be there next year to cheer you on and maybe even bring you a little luck.

A big thank you to BJ, you sure are the host with the most and as always we had a blast at your awesome track!

Stay tuned we've got so much more to bring you.  We hit an "invasion of iron" over the weekend and there's tons more high flying action from Byron.

Til the next time - Keep on Kruzin!