2012 By the Numbers

It's normal this time of year to look back on the year that has passed and reflect.  Well, I have done just that and have crunched some numbers so to speak, here goes it:  I took roughly 12,344 pictures, drove 5,858 miles, attended 43 car shows, cruise-ins and cruise nights, took 21 hours of video, bought 685 gallons of gas, went through 4 bottles of sunscreen, used 3 sets of "soundproof" ear muffs, lost my favorite camera (it died on me in September) I ate a ton of popcorn (something about it from a dragstrip - delicious!), enjoyed a bit of ice cream, many energy drinks and one funnel cake  Over those 5,858 miles I saw more righteous rides and met more wonderful people than you would believe.  Looking back it's hard to imagine I was there for all of it and was able to bring it to you.  Oh and my last brag for 2012,  I was at the hottestGoodGuys show ever, seriously the hottest temp (105 degrees!) at a GoodGuys event ever recorded was this past summer at  the GoodGuys Nats in Columbus and how could you ever forget walking all 7 miles+ of the rows of cars there in that kind of heat! Talk about dehydration...I looked like a prune by the end of that event!   

I thought it would be fun to try and cram all those numbers into a video that is only 2 minutes 12 seconds, so here's 2012 in 2:12 - enjoy the ride, I sure did!

Stay tuned; more and more of those 12,344 pics are going to be added to our galleries.  Have I seen the goods!

I'm looking forward to 2013.  My first excursion (weather permitting) is in a couple of weeks; I'm getting a tour of a private car collection,  a first for me and it's only January!

Til the next time - Keep on Kruzin!